Embedded LINUX systems design and development

Linux is the leading embedded Operating System in the industrial and consumer markets. It's the cornerstone of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and widely used in different applications such as monitoring devices, medical appliances, advanced user interfaces, multimedia, in-vehicle-infotainment, avionics systems and many more.

Here at Protech, we take your Linux project from an idea to a real system. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, development and maintenance of small to large embedded Linux systems in several fields that span from remote monitoring and control systems to advanced telecomm devices and high definition decoders.

We're the right partner if you need not only an outstanding Linux project, but also need to design the hardware and manufacture the device or board according to your requirements or based on a reference model.

Board design

SOM integration

Software development



We guide you in each one of the steps involved in the creation of a Linux-based project


We can customize the bootloader, normally U-Boot, to fit your hardware and include features such as redundant configurations or booting from different media like SD cards or USB storage devices.


We can port a legacy 2.6 kernel or a current 3.x with Device Tree kernel to fit your hardware requirements and write from the ground-up specific drivers or modify existing ones for your peripherals. Our engineers have experience in writing drivers for DVB tuners, smartcard interfaces and digital inputs handling just to name some examples. With Linux, adding new peripherals or complete hardware modules is faster and easier than with any other embedded solution.


The added value for your system resides in the application. We have a considerable expertise in the design and development of different kind of applications such as multi-threaded client-servers, remote monitoring and control middleware, graphic user interfaces with embedded Qt and custom update systems that use an initramfs. We configure, modify and, if necessary, create Open Source Software for providing built-in standard services such as web servers, VPN and Modbus masters/slaves, and integrate them seamlessly into your system.

Protech provides you the key advantages and benefits to have an extremely competitive solution for your clients.


  • Modularity: Allows to quickly add or modify interfaces, protocols and peripherals.
  • Reliability: The use of Open Source Software provides a quite stable and secure platform.
  • Flexibility: Adapt easily to requirements changes.
  • Quality: Assures a fully functional system according to high quality standards.
  • Completeness: The whole system is designed, developed and manufactured in Italy following European standards.


  • Reduced time-to-market thanks to Protech's expertise and use of Open Source Software.
  • Simple and complete control of hardware and software since everything is done in-house.
  • Reutilization of hardware and software modules for new projects

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